Time for Spring Cleaning—We Are Redesigning Our Website!

Time for Spring Cleaning—We Are Redesigning Our Website!


Pond Planet is getting a fresh, new look just in time for spring! We have decided to do a complete overhaul of our website—changing everything from our logo to our searching capabilities. This makeover is definitely customer focused, making your experience on our website much more enjoyable. This redesign will help you find products and information faster and easier, even on your mobile device. We are also putting special emphasis on providing tips, tricks, and advice through our blog and e-newsletter. Pond Maintenance

Find products faster

You will love the new, user-friendly way that you will be able to find your favorite products once this revamp is complete. You’ll be able to get to the right products much faster and easier with our new quick-launch product categories that are directly on the homepage. We know that you’re busy (and want to get back outside to your admire your beautiful pond), so we are making purchasing services quick and easy.

Use the site on your mobile device

We are also making our website much more mobile user friendly. Before, it was difficult to see and use our website on any mobile device, including phones, tablets, and even some lap tops. Now, you should be able to navigate the site much easier and find products and information much more efficiently. So, now when you are outside or at the store, you can still search and use the information on our website. Shopping and learning on the go has never been easier!

Get access to more information

Our blog has been a great source of suggestions and tips, but now it is easier to find and easier to browse. You’ll be able to quickly jump from one post to another and leave replies to each post. We encourage replies and questions on our blog because we want to be sure we are giving our customers the best information possible. The layout is also easier to read, and the blogs are categorized so you can look for specific information about your question or concern. We’ll be sure that it contains links to the products that we are discussing so you can see them and add them to your pond quickly if you’d like. Koi Pond

Try out our monthly newsletter!

Part of our facelift also includes an all-new e-newsletter. This monthly newsletter will keep you “in the know” about our monthly special features and offers. You’ll also get pond and water garden tips and tricks delivered directly to your e-mail every month. We hate spam too, so we are committed to packing our e-newsletter with valuable information that you can actually use to beautify your outdoor living space.

Spreading the word about sales and discounts

We are making efforts to be sure that our customers know about sales and discount opportunities as well. The site will prominently feature these discounts so they are easier to find, and the newsletter will let customers know about sales in advance so they can get the best deals when they are available. After all, we know everyone likes a good deal!

Look for our new website design in the upcoming weeks! Once it is up and running, we think you’ll love it! We are excited to hear what you think, so visit our contact page to give us feedback.

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